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Frontier Monuments is in the type of industry that no one really likes to talk about— that is especially until the time comes that they really need to. So, the challenge that lay in front of us, with this project was taking a business that goes beyond a product and helping tell the story of how they help give families a wonderful and lasting way to memorialize their loved ones.


The only way we could image doing justice to this company, as well as the families they serve was, to tell the story of why they do what they do. Going beyond the business model and shining a light on the service they provide to people in a great time of need allows us to create an instant connection with people, when it matters most.






There is no room for fluff, when working on a project like this one. Our goal began and ended with telling the story of what drives Adam and his team to do the best they can, on each and every project they undertake. The piece produced for Frontier will not only provide great social media content, but will also allow them to share “the why” of their business in a succinct and professional fashion.

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