How it all started

Munz Media was founded in June of 2017, but the story truly began in 2011 when founder Tanner ‘Munz’ Goetz started creating content for Saskatchewan sports organizations small businesses.

In the years that followed, the young entrepreneur saw a high demand for quality social media material, and he worked tirelessly toward his aspirations of creating a leading content creation agency.

In 2017, Tanner dove heart-first into his endeavor to bring businesses to life through video & photo. Once a one-man band, Munz Media's audacious Director now leads a full-scale multimedia collective, trusted by some of Saskatchewan’s biggest brands. 

Over the last 3 years, we have worked fiercely on our video quality and storytelling. In a time when businesses are so capable of going “bigger & better”, it’s easy to lose the core values of content creation - it’s less “look at us” and more “let’s do this together.” We found that helping our clients be purposeful with their content meant that telling their story & mission would bring conversations and encourage audiences to actively participate with your brand. 

Since 2017 grew to 6 employees, created over 800 videos, and now work at our new studio on Hill Ave in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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