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Hockey is our nation's game. And nowhere is it embraced more than in this province. But, in a day and age when we are inundated with a constant stream of hockey action— how do we make our league - The SJHL - stand out?


The answer: Bring the game into the modern era. We have worked to digitize the League, by managing local photographers throughout every region— bringing high-quality content to each market.


Through social media, we have bridged the gap between the small, rural markets— creating a true community throughout the league. In addition, we have been able to highlight events like the SJHL/MJHL Showcase and cultivate major sponsor deals with the likes of STARS Air Ambulance, SCSA & SGI, further increasing the profile of this home-grown organization.


As a result of this work, we have been able to bring forward more than $100K in sponsor dollars, enabling the League to do things that have drawn the envy of much larger markets. Speaking of those larger markets— our efforts have led to more than 60M impressions and 3.6M engagements from September 2017 through the present. Those numbers have come from across the globe, as we have seen a growth of more than 38,000 total followers


All this comes as the result of a work ethic befitting of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. Working as hard as their staff, teams, and players, Munz Media has produced more than 300 video content pieces for the League

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